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  • Brittney Blane

Celebrating Women This Month, and Always

Since March is Women’s History month, I think it’s a great time to pause, reflect and celebrate women's lives and success. Great women in history and the great women in our lives.

Just thinking about all the incredible things that women have done makes me realize how we truly stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us. It is the women who continually push forward with vision, in tireless effort, to make this world a better place for us all; the women that have blazed trails against odds, in the face of adversity, and the women who dedicate their lives to their passions and to the greater good.

This is such a great time to not only celebrate women in history and women in leadership today but also the women in our lives that have supported us, raised us, and helped us become the people we are.

I came from a small community and was influenced by so many women, not just my mother and grandmothers, but my aunts, neighbors, teachers, and so many more. I have a great deal of remarkable women in my life whom I owe so very much. Whether it be by their example, or through their wisdom that they so graciously shared with me, I have learned to believe in myself, to be a better person, love others, pursue my passions, and have confidence in my ability to create the life I want to live.

I am incredibly proud of who I am as a woman today because of the love and guidance they so tenderly gave to me as I grew up. So I will be celebrating Women’s History Month by acknowledging and celebrating them because, without those women in my life, I would not be who I am today.

So, to the community of women who have taught me to believe in myself....THANK YOU. I do my best every day to honor those values and lessons you all so wholeheartedly instilled in me. I do so by being kind to others, by leading with love in all situations, showing compassion in difficult moments, and remembering that true beauty is gained through grace --- and also an inside job. I think of you daily. I treasure you. I celebrate you. I love you.

Showing our support for women is easy. Even the smallest of gestures can have a big impact. Support can be simple and efficient if we all just remember a couple of things:

First, listen.

Listen to the women in the world that have the courage to speak when the odds aren't in their favor. Listen to the women around you when they share their stories. And listen to women when they share their passions, ideas, and concerns with you; this is the way the world starts to change.

Second, if history has taught us anything, it’s that women are powerful; women are resilient. One reason women are so powerful --- and perhaps the most significant --- is because of our extraordinary ability to love and love beyond measure.

I genuinely believe that love is the greatest superpower in this world. So I would say, if you truly want to support the women in your life --- remember to love them and others --- like all those powerful women that have loved you.

As a woman who has reached 30 (and then some), I often think about the legacy I want to leave behind. The impact I want to have on the lives mine has intertwined with, and all the little girls out there who look up to me as a woman in their lives.

I hope to remind others that regardless of what life, or this world, throws at us, if we lead with love, we are more powerful than it all. And if we have the courage to meet every situation in our lives with compassion, and an open heart, we cannot lose.

This March 2021, I am so excited to share this Women’s History month with Michele watches. Michele is a brand I have mentioned many times here on the blog before, and I am honored to be celebrating with them today. Not just because of the beautiful timepieces they create, but because they are a brand that has always stood for more, a brand that works to empower and celebrate women every day. Michele is a brand that truly celebrates and honors women. Praising women for their uniqueness, and always bringing attention to the beauty and strength of women in leadership and women around the world.

This stunning purple watch pictured above (that I happen to be obsessed with btw --- no surprise, I know) is part of their newest collection. Purple is the color most associated with International Women's Day, women's empowerment, and Women's History Month. This royal color represents loyalty and dignity, as well as achievements made --- and achievements yet to come --- in the women’s equality movement.

This beautiful timepiece is the perfect hue to don in honor and remembrance of the women you celebrate daily in your life.

So, when I glance down at my wrist to be reminded of the time, I will also be reminded of the strong, beautiful, bold, brilliant, and extraordinary women I know, and the woman that I am.

How are you celebrating WHM and supporting the awesome women in your life??


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