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  • Brittney Blane

Christmas Decor Home Tour: Part 1

Hi there!

Welcome to my home and welcome back to my 2020 Holiday Series.

It's the week of Thanksgiving, which means, it is officially the holiday season, and if you saw my last post, then you know that I’ve been preparing the house for Christmas, I still have lots to decorate, but I wanted to give you a little closer look at what I’ve decorated so far. I hope you enjoy!

Just so you know, the holiday content doesn't end here this week. Thursday, I have 2 videos coming to the channel completely dedicated to decorating Christmas trees. They are packed with lots of really good tips, hacks, and decorating ideas coming just in time to give you a little bit of Tree trimming inspiration for the weekend after thanksgiving. So once you've had some family time, delicious food, and that obligatory thanksgiving afternoon nap, join me here, or on my YouTube channel, for some festive fun.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. See you soon!

Lots of Love,



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