about me

Hi! I'm Brittney, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm a self proclaimed fashion addict, make-up lover, dog mommy, and girly-girl. I have always had a desire to share things that inspire me day to day, and this little blog is my creative outlet to do just that. I hope you enjoy what you find here.


A few little personal facts...

I was born, raised, and still reside in Texas.


I am a proud dog mom to four furry babies Hank, Minky, Sella, and Buddie who you might see pop up in the blog from time to time. 

I have a love for interior design and holiday home décor; I don't think I've reached full on intervention level maniac, but I come closer and closer to it with each passing season.

I consider organization, planning, and reading my hobbies; however, I can't promise that what you will find here will be organized, but I can promise it will be fun. I hope you find my thoughts here to be entertaining in the least, and possibly pick up a few style tips and tricks along the way.


If you like what you see on the blog, you can find more fashion inspired pics and quips on my social media sites. I would love to chat with you here or there; links are down below.

xo. Brit

Before you go, a little Something worth remembering:

Never Doubt your passions...Never lose your determination...Always stay true to YOU... And give away happiness like you're a happiness billionaire.

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