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  • Brittney Blane

What to Wear: Outfit Ideas for every Holiday Party

I just don't think a holiday guide would be complete with out a post showing a little party outfit inspiration. So to start this Tuesday and Day 5 of the 25 Days of Holiday Cheer on the blog off right, I am going to share a couple of my go-to looks with you, as well as several other outfit ideas and some great tips so you can be the belle of every holiday ball you attend this year. (Even if it's just in your bestie's apartment.)

Just a little note: This post will also be featured under the What to Wear series as well so you will be able to find it there for future reference if you need to.

So what am I wearing to holiday soirees this season?

#1: Sequins

If you've never tried on a sequin dress, skirt, blouse, etc. Do it while you're out shopping this year. It may just be the little princess inside me that never grew up, but there's something a little magical about a great sequin garment that leaves me feeling fancy, festive, and confident.

I like a good excuse to sparkle, and the holidays gives you the best reason to put on a dazzling little number, and make some memories with families and friends.

Shop this Look:

#2: Red

During the holidays my mentality shifts from LBD to LRD. It is really the best time of year to find the perfect Little Red Dress. During the holiday season cocktail and party dresses are usually the focus of most popular brands, and abound on the racks within all department stores.

With an emphasis on this vibrant and seasonally highlighted color right now, it's easier to find a red dress you will absolutely look darling in. So, if it's a hue you like to wear, now's the time to find that perfect piece.

Plus: Primary toned solids can carry you through from season to season, and who doesn't want to find that perfect dress you can wear to an event this December, and then again next Summer to that one friend's wedding, am I right?

Shop this Look:

So here's my over all tips for finding the perfect party outfit this year:

(You can find more tips for specific events such as work, formal, etc, below)

1. If you want to dazzle with out breaking the bank, find that one sequin staple piece.

- If it's a dress pair it with a cute pair of neutral heals you already own.

- If its a skirt or pants, definitely go with a solid, simple blouse or even a tee for a bit more casual look.

- If a sequin outfit isn't your thing, but you still want to add a little shine to your attire, try a pair of fun shoes, or a statement clutch.

2. The Little Red Dress. If you do go with a LRD this year, I suggest pairing it with solid black or nude shoes. (You should still totally add a statement clutch for fun if you want to.)

3. If you don’t feel like dropping a chunk of change on a fancy party ensemble right before you have to tackle that mile long gift list, go with something you already own. Now’s the time to pull out your favorite black dress or that fabulous go-to party outfit you have (or at least should have,) hanging in your closet just in case you need something for a special occasion. Add a pair of sparkly gold, silver, or red pumps, a statement clutch, and a pair of eye-catching earrings, and you’re good to go.

4. This tip list would not be complete if I did not mention velvet. Not only is it the fabric of the season, but it’s also beautiful, soft, and flattering on almost everyone. So go ahead and get that velvet dress you’ve been eyeing at Nordstrom. You’ll feel festive and wow everyone on the guest list; guaranteed. I do suggest sticking with just one velvet piece in your outfit, and mixing it with other fabrics and textures. Try adding a pair of patent shoes or a faux leather clutch.

*you can find my favorite velvet pieces at the bottom of this post.*

If it's a holiday party for work:

-- I suggest keeping in mind the length of your dress or skirt while your shopping. You don't want to wear something too short or inappropriate around your boss right before you ask for that big raise you deserve. Plus, it's always best to keep it more modest in a business setting, because a work party is still work (even if you're not getting paid.) I personally think midi length always looks stylish and on-trend.

Here are some pieces I think would be perfect for the holiday office party:

If it's a formal affair:

  • I'm sure I don't have to tell you that gowns can get pricey, (especially this time of year,) and dropping a chunk of change on a dress right before you start to conquer that mile long gift list you've got can be a bit stressful. I suggest using services like Rent the Runway to find your gown. I've used them several times in years past, and have never been disappointed. Do you know what else is great about Rent the Runway? The site usually gives you shoe and accessory ideas as well, so it makes the process even easier. If you do choose to borrow that beautiful dress you’ll only wear once anyway, you can get designer, spend literally a fraction of the cost, AND keep that coveted closet real estate a fancy frock would take up after the party is over.

Here's a little gorgeous gown inspiration:

If it’s a House Party:

  • Depending on what the invitation states, I think you have the freedom to wear whatever your little heart desires to a house party during the holidays. Now, you probably don’t want to show up looking fly for cocktail hour to an ugly sweater party, but if the invitation states semi-formal, or the fabulous host or hostess is known for their swanky shindigs, then I think a nice cocktail dress or great statement piece would be a really good choice.

Here are some of my holiday party picks:

My favorite Velvet pieces:

So What about shoes and accessories? Here’s what I fancy:

I hope you have an absolute fabulous time at all the holiday parties you attend this year.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

xo, Brit

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