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  • Brittney Blane

Currently Wearing: My Favorite Sweater

There are few things I enjoy more when it comes to my wardrobe than comfy seasonally fun attire. This sweater has stolen my heart this season and for oh-so many reasons.

1. It's literally the softest article of clothing on the planet. (I mean, I have yet to discover a top more cozy and cuddly than this one.)

2. As someone who loves wearing whites in the winter, this sweater has me smitten. It can be hard finding any white garment that isn't at least someone see-through, even sweaters and thicker fabrics. This one however requires no tank top underneath as it completely covers. I kind of love that.

3. It can be dressed up or down, and adding a pop of red to any outfit this sweater is a part of just gives me all the holiday feels.

Now, that I've basically written this little fuzzy frock a love note, here it is.

Travis and I enjoy spending most of our Sunday afternoons down at The Pearl. A few Sundays ago I was wearing this little casual outfit (complete with my current sweater crush,) so I thought I'd have him snap a few pics of it to share here with all of you.

A little quick note about The Pearl...

If you are unfamiliar with San Antonio, the Pearl is an area downtown that I want to call up-and-coming, but to be honest, it has definitely arrived. Full of great food, unique shopping experiences and boutiques, plus great music and events on any given day, it is a little trendy treasure next to the Riverwalk. If you are ever in town, you won't be sorry if you spend a day or two there. If you go on the weekends you will even get a chance to experience the best farmer's market in SA as far as I'm concerned.

Ok, back to my OOTD..

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Happy Holidays my dears; I hope the season continues to treat you well.

Thanks for stopping by today.

xo, Brit

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