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  • Brittney Blane

What to Wear: Christmas Edition 2017

It's officially ONE WEEK until Christmas Day, and will all the planning and holiday hustle going on, it can be easy to put off your wardrobe planning until the last minute. BUT, stressing over finding that perfect ensemble that will be recorded in mom's Christmas photo album (or Instagram) for years to come, is not necessary because today I am sharing with you lots of festively inspired outfits so you can easily decide What to Wear to Christmas 2017.

First things first: I want to share my personal never-fails-me-go-to-holiday-outfit-tactic: Pops of Red.

Yep, that's it.

I plan my wardrobe usually around this classic color because:

1. It always leaves me feeling confident

2. It translates well in photos

3. Red done right can be timeless not trendy

4. It's festive; and if you've learned anything about me from this little blog so far it's that I like to dress for the occasion.

So this year, here is my personal take on great ways to wear a little red this Christmas.

Red Plaid

What's more holiday appropriate than then wearing red in the print of the season?

I've had this Gianni Bini skirt longer than I can remember (at least 4+ years,) and it's still something I reach for each winter. A plaid pencil skirt can be such a fun yet timeless piece. I've paired it with a basic turtleneck, Black suede boots, some knee high socks (for a little more fun,) and a black leather Tory Burch bag (another classic closet staple.)

Casual Cozy Cheer

There's nothing like a soft sweater that's flattering to your figure (even after you've downed 2 cups of hot cocoa and eaten all those sugar cookies...just me?)

If you're planning to keep it casual during the family gathering this year, I suggest pairing your favorite denim with a stylishly soft sweater in a neutral tone (I tend to gravitate towards either white or black.) I like to add my pop of cheery cherry red to my lips, nails, and shoes or accessories.

Shop This Look:

Or, a solid bright sweater with some great textured detail won't fail you either. (My choice is red of course.)

Shop This Look:

Holiday Sweater aren't just for the Kids

This year lots of stores and brands have really upped their game when it comes to Christmas themed clothing for adults. It's not just about the tacky sweater party anymore. You can find really wearable, not to mention adorable, Christmas themed pieces out there for yourself to rock around the tree in this year too.

I found these two current faves at Target and Nordstrom.

Shop These Looks:

Now that my personal go-to holiday looks are out of the way; let's talk other great outfit options:

Dress to Impress for Christmas Dinner

More adorable red dresses:

Share Gifts and Memories in a Stylish Sweater Dress

More Soft Sweater dresses

Cozy up for Christmas Movies with the Family

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of great food, lots of laughs, warm hugs, fond memories, and a fabulous outfit.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

xo, Brit

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