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  • Brittney Blane

April 2020 (mostly) In Pictures - Monthly Recap

I'm just going to say it, April 2020 was weird.

With the stay at home orders issued around the entire country, most of us - myself included - quickly adapted to our "new normal" in the midst of a rising pandemic for the majority of the spring season, and basically the entire month of April.

As a self-proclaimed homebody, I was somewhat optimistic about the efforts and changes we all needed to make in order to flatten the curve of the new coronavirus that quickly swept the globe.

I can say, even for a person who's favorite place is at home cuddled up on the sofa with her pups, spending so much time away from others was challenging. I am a true lover of some quality alone time, but this was a whole new level of that.

I really think, just the idea of not being able to frequent my favorite local coffee shop, or give my grandmother a great big hug during my weekly visit, or grabbing dinner with a girlfriend, made the time seem even more lonely and stressful than time spent alone can already be. Isolation takes getting used to, and we all had to abruptly get used to it together, alone.

But, with resolve, I met the month of April with optimism, gratitude, and a hopeful heart. Hopeful to do my part staying home and staying safe. Grateful for my current health, and that of my family members and friends. Also excited to have the time to focus on my blog and personal creative passions that I always tend to put off during the hustle and bustle of normal daily life.

So, while I must admit, I did spend a lot of the month in my jammies binge watching Netflix (yes, I too fell prey to the Tiger King show that swept the nation.) I also made it my intention to still enjoy the spring season, and the little lovely traditions that come with it.

I don't need an excuse to bust out my favorite heirloom china, but spring is a good one. I posted a little peek at my April table scape here. Spring tea time all on my lonesome was still lovely this year.

Did some bunny say spring home decor? I found the cutest little throw pillows at Homegoods earlier in the year. It was fun to use them to freshen up my home this April.

Snuggling with the dogs was a daily priority during the month of April. Here's a picture of one of my favorite quarantine cuddle buddies.

Lavender and floral prints are both big staples in my home decor and my wardrobe this spring. I posted about my favorite color trend this season here.

Easter this year looked a little different. I spent a cozy Easter morning on the sofa in my favorite sweats with a really good cup of coffee (in a very cut bunny mug of course.)


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