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Fall Essentials & Seasonal Favorites 2020

If you are familiar with my blog, then you probably know that seasonal living is something I greatly enjoy throughout the year. I believe it's the little things that can be enjoyed on the daily that makes the seasons so memorable and special.

In an effort to share the joy of seasonal living with you here on the blog, today I am sharing all my fall favorites, and things I consider essential for the season. I hope you find a few things you can incorporate into your autumn day that bring you all the cozy vibes and warm feels that only this time of the year can bring.


Ok, if you know me, then you know that coffee is always an essential in my day-to-day; so it should come as no surprise that I definitely have my seasonal favorites.

First things first, the coffee:

I have two blends I use in my french press during the autumn months:

- Starbucks Fall Blend (You can also get this blend in K-Cups)

- The Fall in Love Vanilla Nut Cream (yes, it's as delicious as it sounds.)

My favorite fall K-Cup coffee to use is The Donut Shop's Caramel Apple Cider

(Just FYI: You can shop any of these items by clicking on them in the picture.)

We can't forget the creamer. Now, I'm a black coffee drinker on the daily, but on occasion--especially during the fall and winter months--I like to treat myself by adding a little something extra in my morning cup of Joe. Hands-down favorite fall creamer of all-time...drum roll please...The Pumpkin Spice Almondmilk Creamer by Califia Farms. It's so delicious AND it's vegan. I heart it...big time, if you can't tell. This with the Fall blend and a little cinnamon sprinkled on top is pure fall heaven. It just tastes like a cool fall day in Stars Hollow, watching the leaves fall from the window of Luke's Diner. (Ok, I'll move on now... but seriously.)

The tea that I like to drink during the golden hued months is: Harney & Son's Fine Tea in Pumpkin Spice .


A fall essentials list is not complete without a mention of some really good cozy blankets and throws. I have a few of my favorites pictured in my Fall Home Decor Favorites Post Here, if you'd like to check them out.

Buddy is clearly enjoying this one.


When it comes to scents in our homes, if you're like me, you immediately think of Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles as they certainly reign supreme in the home fragrance category. While I basically love ALL that Bath and Body Works has to offer where Fall scents are concerned. I do have a few absolute favorites. Those are Leaves, Vanilla Birch, and Gather. You can find these scents in Candle, Hand Soap, and Body Care.

Although, I start with B&BW when it comes to adding the scents of the season to my home, I definitely don't stop there. I approach home fragrance much like I do personal fragrance--I layer for depth and longevity of scent. That being said, I like to not only use candles and diffusers to scent my home, but cleaning products as well. My go-to are the Mrs. Meyers products. My favorite Scents for the season are Apple Cider and Acorn Spice.

I also love a good candle that does double duty--scenting my home and acting as a beautiful piece of autumn decor--like these beautiful pumpkin candles from Target. They come in a variety of scents and colors. My favorites are the Mercury Glass in Pumpkin Spice and the white frosted glass in Vanilla Pumpkin. (what can I say, I am THAT girl that loves all things pumpkin.)


Now, as I said before, while I do have an entire post devoted to fall home decor favorites, there are a couple products--pumpkins to be more specific--I think deserve an honorable mention here too; Simply because they are very on-trend this year (and because I love them.)


The kitchen is always the heart of the home, but during the cozy seasons, I feel like it just become a little bit more magical. Maybe it's the baking or the smell of homemade chili, but I just love spending time in the kitchen during the fall Having seasonal items around just takes that cozy autumn cooking experience to the next level.

My ALL-TIME favorite bakeware is by the brand Temp-tations. I don't just love their products for fall, BUT they do seasonal better than any other bakeware company on the market (just my opinion.) I've had my set of fall baking dishes from Temp-tations for several years now, and it's still the first thing I grab for once September 1st arrives each year. I recently added a new Harvest Set to my collection after an unfortunate (and clumsy) event earlier this month.--Yes, I dropped it. I was really upset, until I realized I know had a legitimate excuse to buy more Temp-Tations. (It was my favorite casserole dish after all.)


While I definitely don't use paper goods on a daily basis, I do think having seasonal ones to set out for occasional use just add a extra special touch. Whether its having cute little napkins to use in your guest bath, or that seasonal to go cup for your morning coffee. I found several sets of cute fall paper napkins and paper plates on line this year. AND probably THE most adorable To Go Coffee Cups Here and Here from The Paper Darling Shop on Etsy. (Seriously, such a stinkin' cute shop!)


Just a little FYI: I do plan to do a post completely devoted to fall wardrobe favorites and essentials; however that post is going to be more fashion and trend inspired rather than seasonally themed (does that make sense?) So, there are a few items I'm wearing (and loving) this year that I thought deserved a mention here.

I stumbled across a really cute little fall inspired graphic tee on Amazon one day, and it obviously ended up in my cart because...Fall Y'all.

This year I actually found a pair of pajamas that are the most perfect pair of pumpkin inspired jammies I never knew I wanted. I mean, how adorable are these?! Do they make me a little extra? Yes. Do I love that about them? YES.


Because I am a creature of habit, and a lover of a simple everyday beauty routine, I don't change up too many things from season to season. one thing I do however, are my lip colors. My go-to fall lip products are: KKWBeauty Nude 3 for my everyday fall nude lip. It's a warm light nude that I think compliments all the color tones we tend to wear during the fall season. I like to pair it with a taupe lip liner like this one to give my lips a more contoured look.

I also love Autumn and Kristen by Kylie Cosmetics for fall. I don't usually start wearing a true red lip until the holiday season rolls around, so these two shades are what I usually grab when I want to wear a rosier tone that is seasonally-inspired.

If you want even more festive fall favorites, I've got you covered:

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!

xo, Brit

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