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  • Brittney Blane

Weekly Fashion Finds: Currently At Target

Hi, I hope you've had a really great week so far. It is finally starting to slightly feel like fall in the Texas Hill Country--temperatures are staying in the seventies for now--I am definitely enjoying the cooler temps. This week has been a pretty productive one for me. Since Fall is my favorite season (I can't help it, I'm a September baby,) I've been feeling really inspired to share ALL the fall things and seasonal content here on the blog.

So, most of my week has been spent filming, photographing, editing, and writing into the late hours of the night, BUT don't worry, because regardless of how hectic the week has been, I still had time for a quick little Target run...and I found some really cute things. (so naturally I had to share them here, because sharing is caring.)

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Xo, Brit

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