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  • Brittney Blane

Hot Cocoa Bar 2021 + 2 Hot Cocoa Recipes

Hi! Welcome to the blog! I am so happy you are here today, because today I am sharing one of my favorite annual posts, and that is my Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar.

If you know me, then you may know that I like to switch up my coffee or beverage station with the seasons in my home. So, of course, I really look forward to the best beverage station of them all, and that is the holiday hot cocoa bar.

I think I love it so much because it’s not only a great and way to start my day everyday during the holiday season, but I get to share it with friends and family when they visit and they always seem to love it to, so that makes me really happy!

Grab a cup of your favorite hot cocoa and hang out with me for a bit while I decorate my Gingerbread inspired Hot Cocoa Bar this year.

If you would like to try the 2 yummy hot cocoa recipes I shared in this video you can download the free Printable here.

To find a few of the products I used to create my hot cocoa bar, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube if you add a hot cocoa bar to your home during the holiday season.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! Happy Holidays!

xo, Brit


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