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  • Brittney Blane

House & Home: Halloween Decor 2019

My home decor got a little spooky and of course a little sparkly this October.

The entry this year is the first thing I decorated since it would be the first thing trick or treaters would see when they come to the door. Above is the skeleton inspired table, and below is a total fall velvet moment. A good chair is so necessary when you're waiting at the door anxiously for little cuties in costume don't you think?

Little things go a long way….

I love incorporating vintage books in with my seasonal decor; especially in the fall. It just give that extra little touch of old world magic that every autumn home should have during the season. The ones I used on the coffee table in my living room came from my grandfather's personal book collection which makes this spread so special to see each day.

Below is a little peak at the antique bookshelf that houses most of my vintage book collection decked out in a little seasonal spookiness.

What is a fall morning without a good cup of steamy hot coffee?

I personally wouldn't know. My morning cup of brew is the magic potion that gets me out of bed on a chilly autumn morning. That magical first sip, coupled with a moment of quiet spent watching the fall sunrise out my kitchen window, is my favorite ritual. So naturally I had to decorate the special space dedicated to my morning tonic. Seeing this little halloween moment first thing always puts a smile on my face.


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