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  • Brittney Blane

Weekly Style Favorites

Hi Friends! Happy Saturday! Can you believe it's already October? As strange as this past year has been so far, it has still flown by in my opinion. Here we are well into the fall season -- at the beginning of one of my favorite months because it's Hocus Pocus time (that movie never gets old this time of year, am I right?!) I hope the autumn months have been treating you well so far.

I've just been here, prepping for all the fun things I have planned for the blog (and my slow moving -- but moving -- YouTube channel.) I have lots of fun, festive, and not-so-frightening seasonal content planned for the rest of October; so I hope you will join me here daily for all the spooktacular posts that will be lurking about.

Ok, enough with the cheese...and onto today's round-up of things I found online that I now need and love, and think you might too.

{ Just a little FYI: You can click on any item above to shop the post. }

I literally. want. every.thing. in. this. post.

I have the pink slippers and the scrunchies already...but the rest of it, needs to come live with me in my house too don't you think??

I've been eyeing that beautiful Tory Burch bag for a while, and all the boots in this post are totally capsule pieces that can be worn many many fall and winter seasons to come. Also, I have to mention the leopard print sweater quickly as well, because I've had a similar one, (that I've loved for years,) and one of my little pups chewed a hole in it. I was devastated until I found this one on Amazon.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you have a fabulous first weekend in October, and I can't wait to see you again soon!

xo, Brit


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