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  • Brittney Blane

Sleeveless Cable Knit: Take One

Fall may be my favorite season when it comes to fashion, but living in a climate that tends to stay fairly warm year-round, I have to get a little creative when I feel like staying on trend at times. I was so excited to discover this little sleeveless cable knit top as I perused the sale aisle of target earlier this year. Yes, this top is from Target. If you aren't shopping their women's section, you are surely missing out. They've got some great pieces at even greater prices. Ok, now that I sound like a commercial, let's move on...I love this top because I still get all the fall outfit feels without secretly sweating the moment I step out of the A/C.

The cropped Skinnies are from American Eagle // BCBG Booties // The Handbag is a fab find from Charming Charlie's

Yes, I will drive across San Antonio just to sit in a hip little coffee shop and sip a deliciously over priced latte. Secretly one of my favorite things to do. You should try it sometime. If you've spent any great amount of time in the San Antonio area than you are probably familiar with the Local Coffee. There are several different Local Coffee Shops in various areas of town, and while all keep a certain cohesive look, each is also very reminiscent of the particular area in which it is located. I have really enjoyed visiting them all. If you're interested in checking out the Local Coffee online you can find them HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

xo, Brit

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