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  • Brittney Blane

Fall Trend: Laced Sleeve detail

Hey There! So let's be real for a minute here. When it comes to capturing daily looks and style inspiration to share on a blog such as this, it can be easy to get carried away with the notion that every single outfit must be detailed to perfection, and consist of layers and accessories to add depth or contain something just obsessively cute.

However, truth be told, day to day I don't get all dolled up just to run a few errands around town. Now don't get me wrong; I still like to feel great and confident in what I wear every day, because life is too short to waste a single day of it on an outfit we don't really want to wear (or so goes one of my personal lifelong philosophies.)

Anyhow, today I wanted to give you a little peek at an outfit that's easy for me to throw on with little effort in the morning, and still feel like I look cute enough to run into my worst enemy and not be sorry about what I'm wearing (kidding, I've destroyed all my enemies by making them my friends, right Abe Lincoln?)

Ok, enough rambling for today. Here are the outfit details:

Off the Shoulder BodySuit & Flared Denim by American Eagle // Handbag Louis Vuitton // Faux Suede Jacket by Forever 21 (seriously always checkout Forever21's outerwear section. It will surprise you, and your pocket book with thank you, I promise. )

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