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Holiday Blog Post Round Up: A Look Back at My Favorites

If you've been following along with my 25 Days of Holiday Cheer Series, first of all, THANK YOU! It's been quite the experience as a newly re-established blogger to take on content for almost a month straight, but I am so glad I did. I feel like I've officially jumped back in, and that is a really good feeling. I really hope what I've shared here over the past few weeks has not only been festive and fun, but also brought a bit of inspiration and value to your day-to-day holiday hustle.

That being said, I wanted to take a little beat today, and reflect back on some of my personal favorite posts of this little cheery series.

So here they are, in no particular order, my top 5 favorites....and of course a link to each and every post in chronological order at the bottom of this one in case you missed something or want to catch up on the not-too-far past holiday happenings.

{ Just a little side note: I still have 2 more days of posts going up: Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day; so when you're finished with the family fun, or taking a little break from the festivities, I'd love for you to stop by the blog; there will be a bit more holiday cheer waiting for you. }

1. Day 20: Tis the Season for Giving: 5+ Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

From Christmas cards for our Service men and women to just lending that neighbor of yours a helping hand; I shared ideas you can do right now (some of which only cost your time and a little bit of love.) Plus I listed some great charity organizations that would truly appreciate your donations this season.

2.Day 6: My Holiday 2017 Bucket List

3.Day 1: My Christmas Home Decor Tour 2017

This was my very first year to decorate our home here in San Antonio. I chose a winter white palette full of lots of sparkle and glitter.

4. Day 13: DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

If you've already read this post than you know I adopted a Vegan diet in 2017. This new way of healthier living did not stop me in any way from enjoying a cup of chocolatey goodness this season. I had fun sharing my little hot chocolate station setup during this series.

5. Day 8: Texas Takes a Snow Day

This may not be holiday related (or exciting to those of you that see snow every single holiday season,) but for this South Texas girl, the snow that magically appeared earlier this month was like a tiny Christmas miracle. We don't typically see snow here (basically ever,) so documenting this day was important and oh so much fun.

Here's a quick recap of all the posts so far:

(with links of course)

Day 1: My Christmas Home Decor Tour 2017

Day 2: Gift Guide for Him

Day 3: Gift Guide for Her

Day 4: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Day 5: What to Wear: Outfit Ideas for Every Holiday Party

Day 6: My Holiday 2017 Bucket List

Day 7: Christmas Movie Favorites 2017: What to Watch this Season

Day 8: Texas Takes a Snow Day

Day 9: My Christmas Wish List 2017

Day 10: A Roundup of the Cutest Holiday Party Outfits 2017

Day 11: The Cutest Holiday Pajamas for 2017 & Where to Find Them

Day 12: Outfit of the Day: Winter Whites

Day 13: DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

Day 14: Outfit of the Day: Making an Outerwear Statement

Day 15: Currently Wearing: Plaid for the Holidays

Day 16: The Grinch stole this day...but here's a link to a fabulous Holiday Look

Day 17: The Cutest Christmas Themed Clothing on the Web

Day 18: What to Wear: Christmas Outfit Ideas

Day 19: Currently Wearing: My Favorite Sweater

Day 20: Tis the Season for Giving: 5+ Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Day 21: Winter Outfit Roundup: 13+ Ideas

Day 22: What I'm Wearing this NYE

Day 23: You are Here

Still to come....

Day 24: A Day in the Life Holiday Style

Day 25: Merry Christmas to All...A Little Reflection and Gratitude for the Year Past

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