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  • Brittney Blane

Weekly Favorites

Oh, Hi Friday! It's always good to see you.

So, it's the end of the week, the beginning of---what I hope will be--a very good weekend, and I'm excited to share my weekly style round-up with you.

{ Click on any of the items above to shop it. }

It's not really a weekly favorites if I don't included at least one cozy lounge set from Amazon because this year---some like to call it 2020, I like to call it the year that can go to H-E-double hockey sticks---just calls for all the cozy lounge outfits that one can possibly fit in one's closet....because we deserve it.

Also, I wanted to through in a little rainy day outerwear, because I never feel like I have cute wet weather attire when I really need it...until now, because these finds are perfect.

Keeping with the cozy theme that has basically been every favorites post this season so far, I also included my favorite Pj's AND a robe by Ugg. I have an Ugg robe, and its seriously the best one I own. I wear it daily. (but I think I need the one picture above too, because, leopard print.)

Last, but not least,--and not necessarily style related--I shared my favorite lip sleeping mask here too. I put it on every night, and with the winter months slowly creeping upon us, I highly recommend this in order to keep your lips hydrated when the weather starts to get more dry.

If you want all the things you see in this post like I do, then you can either click on it in the picture above to shop, or you can shop the post here:

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! See you soon.

Lots of Love,



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