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  • Brittney Blane

Current Amazon Favorites 2020

I don't know if its the extra time spent at home, but lately I've found so many things on Amazon that I've absolutely loved. So naturally I had to share them all here with you.

Since I've never dedicated a post solely to my Amazon faves I figured it was time. Some of the items are new finds, and some of them are things I've had for years and still use on the daily. (like my favorite French press and these adorable blue light glasses.)

So in no particular order here is my list:

Tech Necessities

It usually shocks people when I tell them that I take most of my blog and Instagram photos myself, (and with my iPhone nonetheless.) I am only able to do so (without pulling my hair out) thanks to these two little gadgets that help me capture the photos I want quickly and easily. This phone holder that attaches to a basic tripod is game changer number 1. What's game changer number 2? This extremely nifty bluetooth camera remote. (say goodbye to the timer setting.) It's compact, works great...and is under $9!

A newer find for me has been this desktop phone holder. It's adjustable but not at all flimsy. I literally have 3 of these in my house because I love the product that much.

Just in case you are in need of the cutest wireless keyboard ever. I've got you.

Another necessity, in my opinion, is a great pair of inexpensive, yet quality blue light glasses. These come in a ton of different colors, and the style seems to be super cute on all face shapes.

My Daily Home Essentials

I use this French press every. single. day. It's stainless steel, great quality, and I just can't get enough. A little hack to making the French press process easier and clean up quicker is to use these French press coffee filter bags. Game changers, I promise you.

My coolest find lately has to definitely be this rechargeable lighter. It's just neat!

I am extremely picky when it comes to diffusers. All are not created equal, but this ultrasonic ceramic diffuser is beautiful--a little pricey--but worth the price tag.

I am someone that has to have a place for everything in my home in order to maintain my sanity; however, it can be a challenge to find functional organizational items that are also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to Amazon, the makeup that sits on my vanity has these beautiful gold trimmed glass containers to call home. I use this one for lip products and this one for makeup brush storage. I like it because it not only looks pretty, but it keeps my brushes dust free. So, it's a win-win.

This is going to sound kind of random, but these gold chip clips make me happy(and my chip bags look cute.)

Finding a cute storage basket that's good quality and reasonably priced is a challenge. I FINALLY found one thanks to Amazon.

Current Miscellaneous Items I'm Loving

If you're on Insta at all, then you know these slippers are everywhere, but for good reason. They're adorable, soft, and I think you will find the memory foam sole very necessary after you try them.

I have 2 products that I must use if I want my very fine, very flat hair to look and feel good. This Rusk Texture Spray and the Amika Dry Shampoo. Coming from a girl who will probably never have natural volume, even on a good hair day, you can trust me when I say, they are both magical.

The secret to finding adorable scrunchies in bulk for a great price?? Amazon. I use these every day. These velvet ones come in a pack of 25 for under $12! AND these Satin ones come in a pack of 6 in THE best colors for just under $10. Best deal you will find on scrunchies like these. Trust me.

I use notebooks for just about anything and everything, so I like to have a few blank ones handy at all times. These are the only ones I buy.

The next 3 products deserve a mention because they have upped my home workout game ten fold. This resistance band is excellent quality and perfect for glute workouts. I rotate between that band and this set of varying intensity resistance bands depending on the type of workout.

The last, but certainly not least, workout item I want to mention is this waist trainer. I know waist trainers aren't for everyone one, but when I go on walks or light jogs I like to wear one. I've tried several over the years and this one has been my favorite for a while now.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by my blog today! I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your Amazon must have all time favorite items?? I wanna Know! Leave me a comment here or message me on social media, pretty please.

Until next time.

xo, Brit


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